ŠKODA 706 RTO bus from 1964

ČKD T2 tram no. 133 from 1958

ŠKODA 706 RTO bus no. 51 from 1964

In 2013, the PMDP's collection of historical vehicles was expanded with another unique item - a representative of the legendary Škoda 706 RTO buses. These buses were part of the Pilsen public transport from the late 1950s until the early 1980s. We continued this long tradition with a bus whose two-year renovation was completed at the end of 2012. The bus, originally produced in 1964, the bus has been modified to closely resemble the design of the first buses in Pilsen, operating within the series of registration numbers 48 - 52.
The Škoda 706 RTO buses represent public transport from the 1960s. These buses were manufactured in urban, intercity and long-distance versions. Within the 706 RTO product line, one prototype of the RTO-K articulated bus was also produced.
Information about vehicle
Year of manufacture 1964
Seats 24
Places to stand 21
Total places 45
How much does it cost
first hour 4 300,00 Kč
3 839,28 Kč without DPH
each additional ¼ hour started 550,00 Kč
491,07 Kč without DPH

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