Have you opted to book a ride in one of our historical vehicles? Here is where you will find out what to do, including how to order and how individual vehicles can be used.

You can select any tram or trolleybus stop in the network for passengers to get on and off the vehicle, but considering that all vehicles are parked at our depot and the customer is always charged the cost of the entire route (including the first exit from the depot to the place where passengers board and the final crossing into the depot after the participants have gotten off), we recommend that you select a stop near the depot for pick up and drop off so that you can make the most of your ride. Of course, though, the pick up and drop off points are entirely up to you.


Unfortunately the ride, though, there is little we can do to arrange the weather to your liking. Although the conditions for operating our oldest wooden historical trams are very strict and forbid operation when it is snowing, raining or visibility is low, we can prepare the contract for you so that in case of inclement weather, we will dispatch another suitable tram from our collection so that your event can take place without interruption. Upon previous agreement, the vehicle can also be decorated before the ride to add to the celebratory atmosphere.

If you already have a clear idea about how you want your ride to be, simply send the following information to the email address below:

  • Your full name, address, birth ID number or date of birth, telephone number of the purchaser who will sign the contract for the ride with PMDP, a.s.
  • Model of the tram you are ordering (for example: Křižík & Brožík no.18; if it cannot be dispatched, ČKD T1 no. 121)
  • Estimated rental period (if you designate the route in advance, we would be happy to use our experience to calculate the period for you)
  • Date, exact time and location where passengers will board (for example October 10, 2010, at 10:10 a.m.; Majakovského stop, inbound)
  • Maximum number of participants (must be stated in the agreement with regard to the capacity of individual vehicles – for the Křižík & Brožík tram, for example, this is 18 persons)
  • Estimated course of events on the ride, including any halts such as at the end stop to take photographs or waiting on side tracks to collect members of the wedding party at the end of the wedding ceremony, etc; especially in case of trams, stops can understandably only be made at the end stops and on side tracks so as not to disrupt regular transportation service
  • Estimated end of the ride and location where passengers will get off (for example October 10, 2010, at 10:30 a.m., in front of City Hall at Republic Square)
  • please also specify whether you require the rental of the offered sound equipment at the same time

Booked rides can be arranged either by order or based on a contract. In the case of a ride by order, the client must pay in advance at least 5 business days before the scheduled date (if the ride does not take place due to our fault, we will refund the full payment to the client). When a contract is drawn up, the client pays for the ride only after its completion.

After we receive this information, we will prepare a proposed contract for you so that we would be able to agree to the arrangements with enough lead time before the ride takes place.


Rides can be ordered at least 7 working days before their date.

If you have any questions about booking a historical vehicle, please email or call us. We would be happy to help with the planning.