Křižík&Brožík from 1899

ČKD T2 tram no. 133 from 1958

Křižík & Brožík Tram no. 18 from 1899

The oldest serviceable electric tram in Central Europe comes from the workshop of the Pilsen coachbuilder Václav Brožík and the Czech electrical engineering inventor František Křižík. On June 29, 1899, tramway operations commenced in Pilsen, at the time known as the 'Mayoral Car,' and was the very first tram to ride the streets of Pilsen.

The tram can olny be operated under favorable weather condition, i.e. outside of winter and during the daylight hours.

Information about vehicle
Year of manufacture 1899
Seats 16
Places to stand 4
Total places 20
How much does it cost
first hour 5 900,00 Kč
5 267,86 Kč without DPH
each additional ¼ hour started 990,00 Kč
883,93 Kč without DPH

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